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Direct Bore  Inc. is a growing locally owned business in the Minneapolis/St. Paul  area. We are committed to the highest quality of work at the most  competitive prices. We provide prompt reliable service. Specializing in  directionally bored underground utility installations, we are the drill  crew to hire. With over 20 years of underground experience, Direct Bore  Inc. completes difficult projects in a timely and cost effective  manner. Thank you for your interest in Direct Bore Inc.

directional drilling

The process consists of three basic steps:


  1. A bore  path is planned by locating existing underground utilities and other  known underground obstacles that must be avoided and not damaged.
  2. The  operator drills a pilot hole that follows the pre-planned bore  path. Locating equipment is used to keep track of the drilling head  position at all times. The locating system uses a transmitter inside the  bore head to register its depth, angle, rotation, direction and  temperature data. This data is then transmitted to the surface, where  the signal is decoded and relayed to the drill operator, which allows  the drill operator to control and guide the drill path accurately.
  3. When  the bore is complete, the utility to be installed is pulled back  through the bore hole. When necessary, the hole diameter is made wider  by pulling a larger cutting tool, called a back reamer, through the  pilot hole for the machine operator to pull and guide the desired pipe  or conduit into the enlarged hole. All of this is done with the help of  drilling fluid, which is pumped continuously to the drill head or bit.  Drilling fluid is a mixture of water and usually either bentonite or  polymer. The drilling fluid helps to remove loose cuttings, stabilize  the bore hole, cool the cutting head and lubricate the pipe/conduit to  make installation easier. 

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