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Direct Bore Inc.

Welcome to Direct Bore Inc.


Horizontal Directional (HDD) bored utility installations 

Vacuum Excavation Backhoe Projects

HDPE Pipe Fusing

We successfully bore and install utilities beneath:

Roads & Highways 

Residential/Commercial Driveways 

Parking Lots

Houses & Building Foundations

Lakes, Ponds & Riverbeds 

Septic Systems

Existing Utilities

Existing Pools

Existing Tanks

Water Projects Include:

Water Main Installations 2"-10" diameter piping

Lateral Water Services (thousands successfully installed)

Irrigation Piping: Agricultural/ Commercial/ Residential.

Sewer Projects Include:

On-Grade Installations 2"-10" diameter piping

Pressure Sewer Applications

​Septic Lift Line to Drain Field

Tile & Culvert Installations

Storm Drains

Electric Projects Include:

Primary Cable

Secondary Cable

PVC and UL Rated Inner Duct (both single and multi-conduit installations)

Telephone & Fiber Optic Installations

CATV & Fiber Optics

Specialty Projects Include: ​

Process Piping 

Geo Thermal